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Questions & Answers

Which boat to choose ?
Very simple !
In this brochure we give you a detailed description of each boat enabling you to make comparison. Furthermore, a plan of the interior of each boat illustrates the configuration of the different rooms .
To make your choice easier, the maximum number of passengers allowed on board is identified by this red pictogram :
In the interest of comfort we advise that you take into account the number of persons indicated by this blue pictogram :

Do I need a permit ?
No, you do not need a permit. Once you have taken your boat, you will be given instructions on how to pilot the boat and given a “carte de plaisance”. This will ensure safe navigation on the river .

Is it difficult ?
Not at all! After a few minutes you will have realised how easy it is to operate our boats. A control lever, forward and revers, and a rudder are the only controls needed.

Child safety ?
No problem! Our boats are designed with families in mind. For safety reasons we recommend that children wear life jackets especially when navigating locks. You will see very quickly that your children will be the first to enjoy these holidays !

And my pets ?
Dogs, cats, birds and all the rest are very welcome. However, be careful in the ports. You are responsible for your pets' behaviour. On the day of embarking, you will be asked to pay a modest supplement. Please bear in mind that large dogs will use up space. Think about this when you choose your boat .

What time of the year to choose ?
From April to October, each season unveils its own appeal and charm. If possible, try to avoid the school holiday periods. However, the vast river network premits navigation without inconvenience or delay.

Passing locks. Is it difficult ?
No, not at all! In most cases a lock-keeper will be there to help you pass through locks. Do not hesitate to stop and chat. It is at these moments you will discover the secrets of the region! All the indications and information needed are figured on the map provided on your departure .

Where can I berth ?
Apart from a few places mentioned on the map you can berth anywhere! Whether at an established quay or on the open water, feel free to sample an aperitif or spend the night at your chosen spot .

Meals on board
You are in control !
The boats being equipped with a kitchen (see the plans) you can indulge in cooking your favourite dishes. If you prefer, the restaurants across the regions can fulfil the expectations of the finest gourmet !

And hygiene ?
All of our boatsare equipped with WC, shower and washhand basin – ensuite or in separate toilets. All our boats have a supply of hot running water .

We have taken care of everything. Each boat is equipped with quilts, blankets, pillows, etc.
On your departure clean sheets and pillow-cases are provided .

Can I fish ?
Certainly !
Franche-Comté is a paradise for the fisherman. Sandres, carps, anguilles, pike, etc. – all tastes are cattered for in our rivers. Fornightly permits “Pêche Vacances” , valid from June Ist to September 30th, are on sale in fishing shops, other retail outlets as well as tourist offices. Please find further details in the tourist information guide in this brochure .

Fuel ?
On your departure, your boat will be full of diesel. On your return, we will refill the tank and you pay only the quantity consumed. The price of the fuel is fixed according to the current prices upon hiring the boat .

Water on board ?
Each boat is equipped with a full reservoir of drinking water (250 to 1,000 litres according to the models) and with sensible use, you will not have any need to replenish your reservoir every day. There are supplies of fresh water at ports and locks, and these are indicated on the maps provided.
A full tank costs 2 €.

The gas
The cooker, the heating and the water-heater work by gas. On your departure, the bottleis checked and fitted and there is also a spare bottle on board. The gas system is checked on a regular basis to ensure your complete safety .

Is there heating on board ?
Certainly !
While the need may be rare during the summer months should you require additional heating, all our boats are supplied with convection heaters .

Is there electricity on board ?
All our boats are served by a 12V supply and for your entertainment there is a radio cassette on board. To recharge the batteries of your camcorder and mobile telephone you will find a 220V supply at most ports.

In the event of breakdown ?
Although our boats are checked thoroughly before each departure should you have a problem, a twenty-four hour number is at your disposal and a technician will be sent without delay. Please do not hesitate to call us whatever the problem, big or small .
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